What’s Working in Rehousing Homeless Families

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has just published a study examining what types of assistance have worked best in delivering permanent housing solutions for families experiencing homelessness.  The study, which was the subject of a press release to which you can navigate here– HUD Press Release on Assistance to Homeless Families — concluded that the families that fared best were those who received Section 8 mobile vouchers to support them in permanent housing.  I haven’t looked at the study but the conclusions seem pretty obvious, namely that the Section 8 program is effective at keeping people housed.  Now if we could only get Congress to authorize and appropriate more of them!

A good article on NPR about this issue aired yesterday on Morning Edition.  Check out this link:  http://www.npr.org/2015/07/07/420537082/for-homeless-families-quick-exit-from-shelters-is-only-a-temporary-fix.