Valley CDC Gains Major CITC Doncation

In case you missed the article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Florence Savings Bank has announced a significant contribution to the vitality of Western Massachusetts.  The bank has announced a donation of $50,000 under the Community Investment Tax Credit program to Valley CDC.  (For reasons I cannot fathom, I am unable to find a link to the article on the newspaper’s website.)  Joanne Campbell, the Executive Director, and the board of directors are “ectastic” over the donation and hope that it will leverage other CITC contributions.  For those who do not know about the CITC program, there will be an event thanking last year’s donors on June 18 in Northampton.  You can also click on this link:


If you would like to learn more about the program at our June event, call me so I can add you to the invitation list.  In the meantime, many, many thanks to our wonderful sponsor Florence Savings Bank!